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Born and raised in Buffalo, New York, I had a passion for Baking at a very early age. At seven years old, I discovered my love for baking while helping my mother and grandmother prepare special holiday family dinners. Our time together was always full of love, laughter, and memories that I will always cherish. Spending time in the kitchen with my mother and grandmother taught me attention to detail, patience and creativity. But most of all, I learned that you cannot make delicious desserts without one very special ingredient and that’s LOVE!

Later, I attended Emerson Vocational High School focusing on Culinary Arts and Baking. The opportunity to work in the kitchen with my friends and instructors who also love to cook, and bake was fantastic! It was here that I learned how to remain calm in stressful situations, adaptability, the importance of organization and how to provide amazing customer service.

While attending college and majoring in Computer Science, I baked for friends. Yet every fall I would return home for Thanksgiving and Christmas break and bake poundcakes, cookies and cheesecakes for family and friends. It became a tradition!

In 2017, the thought of owning my own dessert bakery was born. At Summerville’s Sweets we specialize in providing great tasting, prepared to order desserts baked from scratch using only the freshest highest quality ingredients just like Grandma used to bake. We offer a variety of choices such as beautiful layer cakes, poundcakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, specialty custom cakes, cookies, brownies, bars, and other amazing treats.

I love baking because it allows me the opportunity to share with my customers their most important events, celebrations, and family gatherings.

Let Me Bake You a Sweet Memory!

Welcome to Summerville's Sweets Desserts & Treats

Summerville’s Sweets is dedicated to providing our customers with beautiful and delicious desserts and treats.

Are you tired of purchasing store bought desserts from large commercial environments
that lack that special touch and homemade taste?
All our desserts and treats are made with real butter, no preservatives
and baked with LOVE.

Satisfying our customers is our top priority.
Think of Summerville’s Sweets when you are planning your next birthday party,
family gathering, corporate event or Sunday dinner. 

You and your guests will love every bite! 

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